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Welcome, do come in. Shoes off, please. How are you treating life? Can I get you a cup of tea?

Welcome, explore my connected post-synaptic space. And reach out – perhaps we’d enjoy discussing and learning face-to-face.


At the nucleus…

I believe in people and planet over profit.

The 60 participants at the eLife Sprint 2018 celebrate with raised hands in a group photo

I coach, I question, I facilitate, I think, I strategise, I design, I create.

Naomi leads project design session A handmade wishing tree filled with project cards

I am enthused by delivering great experiences and events.

The 30 participants at the ASAPbio 2020 workshop in a group photo in front of Hinxton Hall

To try to improve the benefit of science to society, and share the wealth science creates, I currently work to advocate for/build/promote equitable knowledge processes and communication.

Naomi presenting a talk at FORCE2019 with projected conference slide in background

I am moved by injustice and inequality, humans facing hard times, mother earth, food and nutrition (I did a PhD on obesity and eating; my current curiosity is edible :bug: :cricket:)

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